Photo Credit to the fabulous  Jennifer Morrow Photography .


Here's a little bit about myself and what makes me tick.  I am a follower of Christ, a devout husband and father, and love to hang with my family and friends... yes, in that order.  I have a beautiful wife, Tracy, who is an amazing mother to our beautiful 3 year old daughter January Charlotte (and no, she wasn't born in January).  I am beyond blessed with these two and I find so much inspiration in them.  I love photographing amazing people in our gorgeous Pacific N.W. surroundings and meeting other fellow photographers who have a passion in what they do.  If you got to this point on my website, then I'm hoping you're digging my approach to photography and I would love to hear from you whether it's lining up a session or just to chit chat about photography or life.  I'm always down for a cup of tea and meeting new creative hit me up and the first cup is on me.

                                                       - Daniel DeWaard, photographer